Before you read, I invite you to take a breath. Connect with this moment before proceeding.

Allow the poetic language to speak to the source beyond your rational mind.

Just give it to me straight. Is this for me?

You may want to read on if this sounds like you:

“I intuitively know that something in my life is calling to me; something in me is longing to change.”
“I feel stuck or limited in some way, and I’m ready to move past it.”
“There is something longing to be birthed or let go of in my life.”
“I want to access inner wisdom that will direct me to inspired action.”
“I know help is available and I’m not sure where to turn.”
“I'm looking for someone who can help me access what I’m seeking within my self.”
“I'm ready for transformation.”



What is Unraveling?

We can all be tangled balls of stress, emotions, anxiety, and more. And the harder we tug at those knots, the tighter they become.

Unraveling offers you a chance to see where you are and who you are. It is a chance to listen to the heart.

Unraveling is a deeply intimate guided process of transformation. More specifically, Unraveling is a new form of structured conversation based in principles of Jungian psychology and ancient practices. Instead of pure talk therapy, we open liminal space and work with the energetic components of discovery, healing, and integration.

Why Unravel? Because inner work is beautiful and difficult. A trusted guide who walks the path makes it possible to go deeper than we might be able to alone.



What are Unraveling sessions?

Before we get into any conversation, we get off the phone, with the breath, and into the body.
You then listen for a topic of focus that rises up. We commit to the topic of focus for the duration of the hour. And our work begins.
Active Listening gives you the floor to say whatever is on your mind and heart.
Active Unraveling is more of a back and forth, an intuitively-guided conversation. 
The Guided Interactive Meditation offers a journey to the inner creative realms. (Read more in The Mythos of Ariadne)

At the end of every session, we make time to debrief. This is a chance to take notes on themes and breakthroughs. In our follow-up email, I include questions that continue the conversation going forward. Because together or apart, this work is yours.



Where does this take place?

Unraveling deals with liminal space in ourselves and psyche— the space between. As such, our sessions take place in liminal spaces as well. An hour long conversation is held remotely, or in semi-public spaces like coffee shops, tea houses, mountaintops, and beaches. When we go to an office, it’s easy to think that work stays there. But Unraveling lingers, stays with us, dissolves lines of division, and gets into our lives.


Do you offer more than a single session?

Indeed. Apart from à la carte Unraveling, select clients are invited to 3 month themed journeys. This transformational experience includes six sessions of Unraveling and Weaving,* worksheets, suggested activities, and your own recorded guided meditations.

*Unraveling is the deep work of excavating; Weaving is the powerful process of integrating.


What can I get from Unraveling?

(For more about this, I strongly recommend the testimonials page)

Reconnection to purpose. Lightness of being. Relief. Clarity. A deep sense of worthiness. Inspiration. Joy.

Integration is at the heart of Unraveling. We remember we are whole and integrated, and dive into times and places when we have felt any less. This is different than moving from broken to wholeness. As such, transformation feels rapid, fluid, and enthusiastic. We are more than ready for what we embark on.

We heal. We find our power. We remember, recover, and restore. We explore and express repressed thoughts and emotions. We get to the other side of worry, fear, resentment, anger, and anxiety. We delight in the replenishment of connecting to ourselves, to others, to the planet, to the Universe.

What makes you qualified?

I created Unraveling after four intensive years of deep healing, mentorship, and independent study. I repeatedly took myself to coffee with a head full of questions, a blank page in my journal, and a willing curiosity. In these sessions, I discovered vast reserves within, spoke via written word to different aspects of myself, revisited lost memories of the heart and psyche, let die what no longer served me, and made way for what was new. This same space I now hold for my people.

I am an informal student of Jungian psychology, a student of many Teachers, and hold a Religious Studies BA, Phi Beta Kappa, as well as a Reiki Level I certification.

This all sounds wonderful. What’s my next step?
There is an application process to Unravel. If it’s not right for us to work together at this time, I will let you know. I may offer book titles, articles, or resources from other teachers / mentors whose work I have found helpful. I take clients with discernment but without discrimination.


Does this sound like who I am ready to be?

“I feel like I’ve reached a version of myself that is authentic and powerful.”
“I am recommitted to my personal path, ready to show up for my work.”
“I have a renewed sense of hope and a greater sense of clarity.”
“I like having tools I can turn to when I get tangled up again.”