“Softer, More Vulnerable, and Delving Deeper”

Unraveling with Arianna changed me. Talking with her was like talking with an old friend: her soul so welcoming and warm, her wisdom ever-present, her words chosen with such graceful ease that I was hanging on to every syllable. She made herself comfortable in my mind, a place I am often so afraid to share with anyone, and comforted, fed, and kissed my soul. 

I found myself becoming softer, more vulnerable, and delving deeper into my creative mind. I have been left in a state of endless thankfulness for Arianna and her willingness to share her gift. She is a true talent, with the mind of a thousand lives lived. 

— Eleanor, Fashion, New York NY

“A Mirror, A Pen, An Ear, A Voice”

Arianna has the ability to lift the fog and clear the smoke whether you need advice on relationships, creative endeavors, guidance through your dreams, or recovery. In my life she has aided me as a mirror, as a pen, as an ear, and as a voice. With only a few words she can awaken a plethora of ideas, realizations, or emotional releases. She has a vast knowledge, a deep connection to the universe, a contagious laugh, and offers a safe and nonjudgmental space for every being.

— Shelby, TV and film, Los Angeles CA


“Authentic, Nurturing, Challenging”

It is spoken that people come in your world at the right time and place. Arianna came into my life in early 2016 and my life has been forever changed. Not only have I felt at ease about opening up, but I have been challenged in ways I would have never dreamed possible all in a safe, nurturing environment.

There are so many situations I have been guided through and I cannot express my gratitude enough for Arianna. If you want true, authentic help in a no-judgment situation, you cannot go wrong with seeking her. She is worldly, intelligent, and nurturing beyond belief. I trust her with anything and everything.

— Nate, Peace Corps, Marrakech


Unraveling is incredible. I am finding a life beyond barriers. Arianna, you are the wise woman walking me through it all. You were made for this.

— Mindee, Graphic Design, San Francisco CA



“Consolation, Empowerment, Healing”

I met Arianna in my time of crisis. I was plagued by anxiety, fear, sleeplessness, and sadness, and my mind would not let me see out of my small experience of the world. 

Our conversation was a turning point in my concept of myself and my life. I felt reconnected in every sense of the word. Arianna guided me in revealing the course of my life as it was meant to be and reassured me that I was not alone in my journey to truth and authenticity.

Arianna listens deeply and advises wisely. She continues to journey on her spiritual path, and she will hold your hand as you take the first steps of walking yours. And perhaps my favorite thing about Arianna is her experience living through many seasons of life and of herself. And as a scholar of philosophy and religious studies, she has references to endless texts that can serve as medicine and instruction to find the knowledge that exists within the self.

Arianna embodies consolation, empowerment, and healing. If you feel called to seek guidance from a woman full of wisdom and deep knowing, look no further. 

— Meredith, Law, Portland OR

“Incredibly Easy to Open Up To”

Arianna always brings her kindness and experience into Unraveling sessions, and when I’ve needed advising, this has made her incredibly easy to open up to. She can change your perspective with just a syllable or two and without ever trying. 

Arianna has a wisdom and depth to her words and her thoughts that have a rare intentionality to them. She articulates her perspective on the world with clarity and curiosity. She doesn’t do small talk.

— Sarah, Photography, Seattle WA

“A Healing and Transformative Space”

Arianna created a healing and transformative space for me during our session through Active Listening and Unraveling my subconscious. I felt safe and unjudged, to the point where I was able to uncover parts of myself that I needed to find. Her service is urgent in a rational and disconnected world.

— Elize, International Journalism, Armenia


Based in CA, Loved Coast to Coast and Beyond

When the world spins and nothing is clear, Arianna helps you slow down and find the beauty before you that is yearning to be created.
— Devin, Higher Education, Salem OR