In Greco-Roman

Ariadne the maiden gave Theseus a ball of yarn to go into the labyrinth and slay the Minotaur.
The labyrinth was a maze that no mortal could escape from. The thread Ariadne held to at the beginning --and the end-- of the labyrinth enabled the hero to journey within, and to return alive and victorious.

As in the mythos,

I hold the thread to journey inward, to the realm of the psyche. I am Arianna and like my namesake, I am a guide, an assistant to the courageous ones who do the deep work. I am a medicinal and guiding presence on an adventure into the psyche.

Unlike the story,

we do not defeat our fear. In Unraveling, we meet the criaturas that dwell within. What does this mean? Beyond the rational mind is the wild, watery world of the Creative. Here, Newtonian physics and linear time do not exist. Here is where much discovery, revelation, and healing may be found.

The third aspect of Unraveling available is an Interactive Guided Meditation. In this, we identify, appreciate, and depart from the rational mind in order to journey to the realm of the Creative. We embark on a journey led by intuition and curiosity with a three-tiered objective: we are here to find someone, something, or some place.

We journey through wherever it is the Creative leads us, explore how it manifests, and return to the rational mind when it is time, bearing gifts and knowledge that we can return any time we wish.

60% of people or more cry upon this experience.

Together we collect pieces of what may have been lost, balancing the dark and the light, creating a framework for inside-out living.

This is the deep work of Unraveling.